Proxy Season Update: Caterpillar

2014 Annual Meeting: 9:00 AM EDT, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crossroads Arena, 2800 S. Harper Road, Corinth, MS 38834

Caterpillar has two pending ESG shareholder proposals in 2014.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Review of Global Corporate Standards
    • This resolution requests the Board of Directors to review and amend, where applicable, Caterpillar’s policies related to human rights that guide international and U.S. operations. The supporting statement notes:

      Caterpillar’s current policy, the Worldwide Code of Conduct, contains no references to existing international human rights codes except for a corporate policy of non-discrimination, and aspirational goals to maintain employee health and safety. It does not apply to company dealers whose activities can carry extensive reputational risks for Caterpillar. We believe company policies should reflect more robust, comprehensive understanding of human rights.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Sales to Sudan
    • This resolution looks to prevent Caterpillar products from being sold to the Government of Sudan or entities controlled by it, noting that sales of Caterpillar products to Sudan companies by Caterpillar subsidiaries totaled $265.5 million in the fiscal years 2008-2010. The resolutions requests a report

      disclosing the terms and enforcement mechanisms, including internal controls related to its Enterprise Export Control Compliance Program, including but not limited to:
      – Audit verification and tracking of product sales;
      – Publish findings, successes, challenges relating to its policies/procedures effectiveness;
      – Senior management and board-level oversight.

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