Theory of Change

As You Sow believes that shareholders are the single most powerful force for creating positive, lasting changes in corporate behavior.

Over the past century corporate power has become the most dominant force on the planet. Of the 150 largest economic entities in the world, 87 are corporations – that’s 58%. This concentration of resources gives companies power and influence over their workers, customers, and the communities in which they operate.

It is critical for corporate leaders to address the impact of their policies and actions. By ignoring this impact, they are creating risk for their customers, employees, shareholders, and themselves. Ultimately, companies that view the world not in months, but in years, decades, and generations will be able to reduce their long-term risk and ensure success. Shareholder actions press corporations to undertake this broader risk analysis and make decisions that benefit people, planet, and profit over the long term.

Since 1992 As You Sow has utilized shareholder advocacy to increase corporate responsibility on a broad range of environmental and social issues. As shareholder advocates, As You Sow communicates directly with corporate executives to collaboratively develop and implement business models that reduce risk, benefit brand reputation, and increase the bottom line while simultaneously bringing positive environmental and social change.