Activate Your Shares

More and more investors are seeking to make an impact with their investments.

We offer a suite of shareholder engagement services designed to engage, excite, and empower your clients that can be added, turnkey, to your organization.

As You Sow makes it easy to add a shareholder engagement offering to your services, enabling you to give your clients access to a full range of shareholder engagement opportunities on key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, without adding overhead to your operations.


  • We will file or co-file on your client’s behalf, on As You Sow or other shareholder resolutions.
  • Our expert staff will work closely with you on logistics, including briefings at the level most compatible with interest level.
  • Our CEO and expert program staff are available to you for client gatherings, events, webinars, etc.
  • You and your clients have access to ongoing issue briefings and updates.

ESG Access

 In 2017, As You Sow filed over 50 resolutions across five program areas.
This diversity of initiatives accommodates a wide range of client interests, allowing each individual or family to selectively participate in engagement activities without constraining their investment decisions.

Member Firm Benefits

  • Instant, expert ESG credibility and access
  • No added internal resources needed
  • Use of As You Sow logo on your website and materials (restrictions apply)
  • Co-branded edition of As You Sow’s industry standard Proxy Preview and voting Guidelines, suitable for distribution to clients
  • Your logo on dedicated page on As You Sow website
  • Email subscription opt-in for clients, for newsletters, reports, and webinars
  • Expert/timely briefings on critical ESG issues and developments
  • Access to As You Sow experts for logistics training and updates on shareholder engagement and issues


Core Engagement:

  • access to all filings and Member Firm Benefits, and
  • up to three hours of As You Sow CEO’s time, speaking at client or internal event(s)
  • up to three hours of program staff time giving expert issue briefings

Custom Engagement

  • Available to Member Firms’ clients. We create an engagement campaign directly aligned with your client’s values and interests, working closely with you to define, develop, and execute a targeted engagement, from initial conception through to final vote. Fees range from $25,000 to $100,000, based on engagement specifics. We reserve the right to decline custom engagement if, in the opinion of As You Sow, the issue is not aligned with As You Sow’s charitable mission and purposes

Contact [email protected] for more information and annual membership fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does filing shareholder resolutions matter?
A client walks into the local garden store and is reminded that bee-toxic pesticides have been eliminated, and their personal shares in that company helped make the change happen.
Participating in a shareholder resolution as a co-filer means being part of the real-world change that As You Sow is creating. It educates and excites clients about the power of responsible investing.
To learn more about shareholder resolutions, visit our FAQs here.

2. How much of your time does this take?
Not much. The time commitment consists of:

  • Periodic email communication with As You Sow about opportunities (potential shareholder resolutions);
  • Communication with clients – first to introduce the concept, and thereafter to have clients sign an authorization letter;
  • Requesting the proof of ownership letter from the legal custodian of the shares once a resolution has been filed; and
  • Forwarding periodic email updates from As You Sow to your client — we will send you regular updates as your clients’ resolutions proceed through the major milestones of shareholder engagement.

There is an economy of scale. The more resolutions that a firm coordinates (on behalf of one or many clients) the less time each resolution will take. We suggest that one person at your organization be responsible for coordinating shareholder engagement with As You Sow.

3. Other than participating in shareholder resolutions, how else can clients get involved?
Proxy voting! We make it easy with our annual Proxy Preview and Proxy Voting Guidelines.

If clients are SUPER excited about this work (it happens frequently), they can:

  • Attend a company Annual Meeting and see their shareholder resolution being presented. (client is responsible for his/her own travel and related expenses)
  • Buy shares of companies that are difficult to find, to support potential future As You Sow resolutions.



As You Sow is not an investment adviser nor do we provide financial planning, legal, or tax advice. Nothing in our communications or materials shall constitute or be construed as an offering of financial instruments or as investment advice or investment recommendations.