Energy produced from fossil fuels – coal, natural gas, and oil – is a leading contributor to climate change. The burning of fossil-fuels also releases toxins that pose serious health and environmental risks to local communities.


As public harms continue to mount from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, the reality of destructive climate change becomes inescapable, and the viability of coal, a cornerstone fuel of our 20th century economy, begins to erode, now is a key moment for energy investors and the public at large to press companies to act proactively for a clean and sustainable energy future.

Initiatives within this Program

Climate Change
As You Sow's Climate Change initiative is building a movement to pressure institutional shareholders to divest from fossil fuel-based energy and re-invest in a clean energy future. Shareholders are uniquely positioned to help shape our future energy economy both through their investment decisions and by directly engaging energy companies to re-examine the risks fossil fuels pose to their business models and to move them to develop cleaner energy profiles. We publish original financial research and create tools for companies and investors interested in addressing and removing carbon from their portfolios. The choices energy companies make to either prepare for a carbon-constrained future or continue investing in fossil fuels will significantly impact share value for years to come.

As You Sow's Coal initiative works with coal-fired electric utilities and coal-based energy companies to substantially reduce or eliminate the growing financial, environmental, and health risks associated with burning coal. It urges the most at-risk companies to address the wide array of financial risks associated with continued reliance on coal and to begin a transition to cleaner energy.

Hydraulic Fracturing
As You Sow's Fracking initiative engages key energy companies to reduce the health, environmental, and community impacts associated with hydraulic fracturing or "fracking." Natural gas is positioned to play a significant role in the country's energy mix as coal use declines and renewables ramp up, making it critical that these companies produce natural gas using the best practices available. As You Sow is focused on creating industry-wide best management practices, reducing community impacts and environmental harm caused by extraction, and minimizing fugitive greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Other Initiatives
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