New Report Optimistic About Cleantech

Cleantech Redefined Cover

Macroeconomic drivers have reignited investment in clean infrastructure, technology, and services and expanded their reach across all sectors and industries, according to a new report from As You Sow.

Produced in partnership with cleantech research firm Kachan & Co. and Responsible Endowment Coalition, Cleantech Redefined: Why the Next Wave of Cleantech Infrastructure, Technology and Services Will Thrive in the 21st Century, describes and examines the latest investment opportunities and trends across clean energy, efficiency, lighting, water, transportation, building, agriculture, en- ergy storage, and industry.

“Now is the time for every organization to be looking at investing in cleantech,” commented Amelia Timbers, As You Sow Energy Program Manager. “The next Google-level success will be a cleantech firm that helps transition the economy from fossil fuels. Our report highlights promising companies and provides a great starting point for investor’s due diligence.”

This report is intended to be a framework to help investors understand the opportunities that currently exist to deploy capital into these markets, which are responding to unprecedented economic drivers, including resource scarcity, climate change, and the growing need for energy efficiency. The report explores these trends and how a broad range of companies are being built to meet, solve, and thrive in the face of these challenges while simultaneously reducing the demand for fossil fuels.

“It’s an exciting time to be investing in cleantech. The potential for growth is tremendous, especially in contrast with increasingly risky fossil-based resources,” said co-author Danielle Fugere, President of As You Sow. “Cleantech investment is ideal for endowments, pension funds, and other institutional investors seeking to achieve solid risk adjusted returns while maintaining energy sector exposure, and, most importantly, acting in their constituents’ best long term interests, both financially and environmentally.”

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