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Cleantech Redefined

After years in development, cleantech is now going mainstream. Cleantech infrastructure, technology and services are revolutionizing how we make, grow, transport and consume things. They’re helping the world meet energy demands. They’re creating livelihoods and prosperity in uncertain economies. Is there still time for investors to make good returns in cleantech? Yes. Here’s why.

Cleantech Redefined: Why the Next Wave of Cleantech Infrastructure, Technology and Services Will Thrive in the 21st Century, a freely downloadable 38-page report published by cleantech research firm Kachan & Co. and non-profits As You Sow and the Responsible Endowments Coalition, describes and examines the latest investment opportunities and trends across clean energy, efficiency, water, transportation, agriculture, energy storage, air & environment, and clean industry. Macroeconomic drivers have reignited ‘cleantech’ investment and expanded its reach across sectors and industries, and the opportunities are lucrative and vast.

Cleantech Redefined Investment Opportunities Chart

These market forces have led to an inflection point for cleantech and are now pushing it into the economic mainstream. Cleantech has had growing pains and technology failures, but there have also been successes and lessons learned. Now, investments are growing in clean infrastructure, technology, and services across all categories of the definition, including storage, efficiency, water, clean industry, transportation and more.

This report is intended to be a framework to help investors understand the vast opportunities that currently exist to deploy capital into these growing markets that are responding to unprecedented economic drivers. The balance of the document is spent looking at each of these high level categories, defining them and exploring trends and investment opportunities.

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