Welcome from our CEO

The first half of 2016 has seen our team focused on a range of critical environmental, social, and governance issues that, taken together, continue to put profound pressure on corporate leaders toward greater transparency, equity, and environmental justice. Each engagement, dialogue, shareholder resolution, proxy vote, and research report is a step on a long path aligning corporate value with the greater needs of people and the planet.

So far this year, we have engaged over 50 corporations and worked diligently to hold them accountable for their policies and practices on climate change, environmental health, waste, and misaligned executive compensation packages. We have researched, written, and released three reports and added two new talented staff members to our team. All of this activity is linked in a broad vision of comprehensive systemic change where shareholder investments are aligned with values.

Enjoy the Summer 2016 edition of Seeds of Change and join us in building a just and sustainable future.


Andrew Behar
Andrew Behar

Andrew Behar, CEO