Welcome from our CEO

In the 1960s, when Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, he envisioned a world in which diversity, tolerance, and empathy are celebrated. That is the world we believe in. That is the world we demand — for ourselves, for our families, for our nation — and that we work for, every day. We use shareholder power to hold corporations accountable, fighting for a better, cleaner, more equitable future for all of humanity and our planet. That commitment — our “prime directive” — takes on added urgency and intensity with the changes we now expect to see coming from our nation’s capital. In this 2016 wrap-up edition of Seeds of Change, we offer some of our proudest moments from the year, and highlight the special efforts of one of those who helped us make it so — our friends at The Roddenberry Foundation.

May we all live long and prosper,


Andrew Behar

Andrew Behar, CEO