Shareholder Advocate and Donor Profile

Eugene “Rod” RoddenberryEugene “Rod” Roddenberry
The Roddenberry Foundation
President & Director

“In the 1960’s, a time of civil and social uncertainty and unrest, Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, offering a vision for a future where diversity and acceptance were encouraged and in which inclusivity and equality were the norm. After almost two decades of exploring my father’s life, I founded The Roddenberry Foundation in 2010 to help make that world a reality.


Roddenberry FoundationAt the Foundation, we seek bold ideas that can change the world — ideas that focus on the core of systemic issues and lead to lasting and transformative change. We are committed to finding and supporting remarkable organizations that can disrupt existing dynamics, challenge old patterns of thought, and discover new ways to help us move towards a better future. That’s exactly what we found at As You Sow, a group making big changes at big corporations. As You Sow uses shareholder advocacy, their chosen strategy, with strength, precision, and unflagging dedication, insisting that corporations become part of the solution. We’ve been supporting As You Sow for four years now, and couldn’t be happier with this partnership and the results that they consistently deliver.”