2012 Annual Report

In 2012, As You Sow engaged 25 companies including filing 17 shareholder resolutions asking for increased responsibility on environmental and social issues by corporate boards and management. Some highlights of our program accomplishments are listed below:


  1. Investors representing over $100 billion of Exxon, Chevron, and Ultra Petroleum shares supported our resolutions on the risks of hydraulic fracturing.
  2. The SEC overruled Exxon’s attempt to have our resolution omitted. It garnered 30% investor support in the vote at the annual meeting.
  3. We provided in-depth financial analysis on the growing risks of investments in fossil fuels by publishing toolkits on divestment and reinvestment to aid university students in presenting cogent economic arguments to their university endowment trustees.
  4. Our report on photovoltaic manufacturing was released including survey results of over 100 solar manufacturers on environmental, social, and governance best practices.

Environmental Health

  1. We surveyed 2,500 food manufacturers on their policies and attitudes towards the use of untested nanomaterials in their products.
  2. Testing of Dunkin’ Donuts identified the presence of titanium dioxide nanomaterials in the white powdered sugar used to coat its donuts.
  3. After our shareholder resolution and dialogue, grocery chain Safeway agreed to publically state its policies on BPA used in products sold in its stores.


  1. Our shareholder resolution prompted McDonald’s to launch a pilot program to replace styrofoam cups with recyclable paper cups at 2,000 stores.
  2. Over $25 billion worth of shares at Proctor & Gamble, Kroger, and Kraft were voted in favor of our proposals asking packaging companies to take responsibility for their waste.
  3. Groundbreaking research was included in a report showing that $11.4 billion of recyclable materials were discarded in the U.S. and how producer responsibility programs could reclaim that value.

Human Rights

  1. Dodd-Frank rules on conflict minerals were released based on the recommendation of a multi-stakeholder group organized by Responsible Sourcing Network, a project of As You Sow.
  2. Over 130 brands signed our “Pledge against Forced Child and Adult Labor in Uzbek Cotton,” including Zara, Gucci, and H&M.

Support and Revenue


Financial Position