Cleantech is at the heart of a responsible, sustainable energy future. It is essential for reduced reliance on fossil fuels for generating electricity and transportation, as well as for promoting energy efficiency.

As You Sow’s Cleantech initiative presents accurate information about cleantech manufacturing and provides information on how companies can be sustainable while mitigating risks inherent in particular materials. We encourage manufacturers to produce and investors and consumers to seek out the least toxic, designed for end of life, efficient products that are technologically feasible. Our Clean & Green: Best Practices in Photovoltaics report highlights the best practices of photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers to protect workers and the environment during the production of solar panels.

As You Sow also provides resource for investors looking to divest from fossil fuels and to re-invest in carbon-free options, including renewable energy. Learn more about these resources and related shareholder engagements, which make up our Climate Change initiative.

The Cleantech initiative was developed after multi-year engagements in the electronics manufacturing and energy industries. It grew out of our work in offering solutions to reliance on fossil-based energy and electricity generating sources, while also looking at the issues inherent in the product development and manufacturing of electronic products.