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CLEAN 200™: Investing in a Clean Energy Future (2017)

— February 21st 2017

Over the past six years, and growing dramatically leading up to and post-Paris COP 21 and Marrakesh COP 22, a movement of institutional and individual investors representing more than $5tn in assets under management have divested a portion of their fossil fuel investments and committed to divesting the balance in the next five years. The corollary of divesting fossil fuels is re-investing in the clean energy future. As an invitation to a larger discussion of how we can invest in a clean energy future, we created the Carbon Clean 200 (Clean200TM)—a list of the 200 largest companies worldwide ranked by their total clean energy revenues.

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Clean 200™: Investing in a Clean Energy Future (2016)

— August 14th 2016

Over the past year, a growing movement of investors representing more than $3.4tn in assets under management have divested some portion of their fossil fuel investments. But where to invest this capital? The Clean200 ranks the largest publicly listed companies by their total clean energy revenues, with a few added environmental, social, and governance screens to help ensure the companies are indeed building the infrastructure and services needed for what many have called the “Great Energy Transition” in a just and equitable way. Notably, this new report highlights the fact that clean energy investments greatly outperform stagnating fossil fuel stocks.

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The Reinvestment Handbook: Green Endowments Initiative

Climate Change — July 22nd 2013

The Reinvestment Handbook is a resource for the next generation of responsible investors. It is designed to help students better understand their university endowment, the key pillars of SRI funds including screening for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, performance of ESG investments, funds, and portfolios, and basic finance concepts.

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The Coal Divestment Toolkit: Moving Endowments Beyond Coal

Carbon Divestment — July 26th 2013

Divestment is the process of selling an asset for either financial or social goals. Divestment is a powerful way to take a stand against companies involved in an activity that is morally reprehensible. This strategy has been used to send a strong message and to force change in corporate policies and governance. Through divestment campaigns, shareholders (the people and organizations that own corporate stock) take responsibility for the actions of the companies they own and demand change or sell their shares.

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Clean & Green: Best Practices in Photovoltaics

Cleantech (Past) — July 8th 2012

Clean & Green: Best Practices in Photovoltaics highlights the best practices of photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers to protect workers and the environment during the production of solar panels. This report presents, in non-scientific language, the process of manufacturing PV panels, the risks involved, and how companies mitigate those risks. It focuses on practices and policies companies use to mitigate risks from hazardous compounds, reduce environmental impact, and responsibly manage their supply chains.