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Outlet Title Date
Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Trash Paper Receipts Made with BPA 05/20/2011
Non-Toxic Kids
Non-Toxic Kids
Major Food Companies Transition Away from Toxic BPA Receipt Paper 05/19/2011
Triple Pundit
Taco Bell, Other Fast Food Chains Ditch BPA Laced Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Sustainable Business
Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Address Peoples' Health, Discontinue Toxic BPA 05/17/2011
The Orange County Register
Taco Bell's Parent Ditches BPA in Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Good Magazine
Good News for Your Endocrine System 05/17/2011
Chemical Watch
US Shareholders Question Companies on Use of BPA 02/23/2011