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Outlet Title Date
The Motley Fool
A Different Kind of Climate Change 06/22/2011
Triple Pundit
Oil Company Shareholders Vote Against Fracking in Record Numbers 06/06/2011
The Motley Fool
Fracking Should Benefit from Shareholders' Attention  06/03/2011
Social Funds
Resolutions Addressing Hydraulic Fracturing Continue to Attract Shareowner Support 06/03/2011
Smart Planet
Shareholder Flack Flies Over Fracking 06/03/2011
SRI Advisor
Shareowner Pressure on Hydraulic Fracturing Intensifies 05/31/2011
Responsible Investor
U.S. Investors Target "Fracking," Political Contributions, Network Neutrality 01/25/2011
Business Insurance
Investors Seek Disclosure of 'Fracking' Oil, Gas Risks 01/25/2011
Environmental Leader
Shareholders Demand Fracking Risk Disclosure 01/24/2011
SNL Financial
Investor Groups' Resolutions on Hydraulic Fracturing 'Hit a Nerve' 01/21/2011
The Motley Fool
Shareholders Demand Some Fracking Answers  01/21/2011