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Outlet Title Date
Whole Foods Magazine
Beverage Industry Recycling Gets a Report Card for 2011 10/30/2011
Packaging World
Packaging World
Major Beverage Companies Open To EPR, Study Finds 09/01/2011
Plastic Solutions from the Producers 08/23/2011
Major Beverage Companies Are Ready to Take Responsibility for Post-Consumer Packaging 08/22/2011
Waste & Recycling News
Pepsi, Coke Get B- for Recycling Initiatives 08/19/2011
Earth 911
Which Beverage Makers Support Recycling? 08/19/2011
Beverage Daily
Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters on Board for US Recycling Laws 08/18/2011
Coca-Cola, Nestle Finally Accept End-of-Life Product Stewardship 08/16/2011
Triple Pundit
Want Increased Recycling? Bottling Companies Pass the Buck to Government 08/16/2011
Smart Planet
Report: Beverage Makers Sip Sustainability Strategy 08/15/2011
Coca-Cola and Nestle Show Signs of Support for Improved Recycling Laws 08/12/2011
Sustainable Business
Coca-Cola, Nestle Finally Accept End-of-Life Product Stewardship 08/12/2011
How Wasteful Are Your Companies? 08/11/2011
Why Bottle Recycling in the U.S. Is Still Just a Drop in the Bucket 08/11/2011
Environmental Leader
Beverage Industry Leaders Get Recycling 'B-' 08/11/2011
Major Beverage Companies Willing to Take Responsibility for Post-Consumer Packaging, Study Finds 08/10/2011
Resource Recycling
As You Sow Pushes McDonald's, Target 07/07/2011
The Motley Fool
A Fizzy, Risky Stock Idea 06/06/2011
Triple Pundit
Taco Bell, Other Fast Food Chains Ditch BPA Laced Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Sustainable Business
Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Address Peoples' Health, Discontinue Toxic BPA 05/17/2011
The Orange County Register
Taco Bell's Parent Ditches BPA in Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Good Magazine
Good News for Your Endocrine System 05/17/2011
The Motley Fool
This Common-Sense Change Makes Good Business Strategy 05/04/2011
Smart Planet
Packaging Makeovers Pick Up Pace, Priority 05/03/2011
Fast Company
Why Coca-Cola Isn't Ditching BPA 04/29/2011
Triple Pundit
Shareholders Pressure Coca-Cola to Scrutinize BPA 04/29/2011
California Watch
Coca-Cola Shareholders Demand Resolution on Chemical 04/29/2011
San Francisco Chronicle
Unease About BPA Bubbling Up Among Coke Shareholders 04/28/2011
Los Angeles Time
More Coca-Cola Shareholders Want Info About BPA, Advocacy Group Says 04/28/2011
The Independent
Coca-Cola Says It Will Not Phase Out BPA 04/28/2011
PostMedia News
Coca-Cola Not Ready to Drop Bisphenol A in Can Linings 04/27/2011
Shareholder Activists Pushing Coke to Rid Cans of BPA 04/25/2011
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Chemical in Soft Drink Cans Comes Under Fire at Coca-Cola 04/21/2011
Coca-Cola Investors to Vote on Shareholder Resolution Addressing Toxic Chemical BPA in Can Linings 04/20/2011
As You Sow Leans on Beverage Recycling Giants to Improve Recycling 04/19/2011
Social Funds
Engagement Seeks to Increase Recycling of Consumer Products and Packaging 04/15/2011
Life in Small Bites Environment blog
Life in Small Bites Environment blog
PepsiCo Develops Recyclable, Plant-Based Bottle 03/19/2011
Environmental Leader
Heinz Adopts Coca-Cola PlantBottles 02/24/2011