The Walgreen Company (Walgreens) is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States

As You Sow has engaged with Walgreens on issues related to executive compensation. Read more about our engagements with Walgreens below.

Nanomaterials 2017

STATUS: Blocked by Company at SEC

RESOLVED: Shareholders request the Board publish, within 12 months of the annual meeting, at reasonable cost and excluding proprietary information, a report on potential health hazards of nanomaterials, identifying the types of the company’s products or packaging that currently contain nanoparticles, and stating any actions management is taking to reduce or eliminate health and environmental impacts, such as eliminating the use of such nanomaterials until or unless they are proven safe through long-term testing.

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Executive Compensation 2015

STATUS: 05.7%

BE IT RESOLVED: That the shareholders of Walgreen Boots Alliance request the Board’s Compensation Committee, when setting senior executive compensation, include sustainability as one of the performance measures for senior executives under the Company’s incentive plans.

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