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Time Warner Incorporated is an American multinational media corporation headquartered in New York City. It is currently the world's third largest television networks and filmed TV & entertainment company in terms of revenue.

In a First, Shareholders Vote on Tobacco Depictions in Movies with Proposal at Time Warner

U.S. Surgeon General: Stronger Policies Could Save 1,000,000 Lives

Time Warner, parent company of Warner Bros. movie studio, has become the first company to hold a shareholder vote on smoking in movies. The resolution was submitted by As You Sow and non-profit healthcare provider Trinity Health.

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A 2012 U.S. Surgeon General report concluded that “there is a causal relationship between depictions of smoking in the movies and the initiation of smoking among young people.” Based on a subsequent 2014 Surgeon General report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded in 2014: “Giving an R-rating to future movies with smoking would… prevent one million [1,000,000] deaths from smoking among children alive today.”

As You Sow has engaged with Time Warner on issues related to smoke-free movies.

Smoke-Free Movies 2017

STATUS: Blocked by Company at SEC

BE IT RESOLVED: That shareholders request that Time Warner issue a report describing how the company will ensure shareholders that its policies and practices are advancing and not undermining the Sustainable Development Goals. As You Sow has engaged with Time Warner on issues related to smoke-free movies.

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Smoke-Free Movies 2015

STATUS: 02.8%

BE IT RESOLVED: Stockholders request that the Board amend the Nominating and Governance Committee Charter (or add an equivalent provision to another Board Committee Charter) to provide oversight and public reporting concerning the formulation and implementation of policies and standards to determine transparent criteria on which company products continue to be distributed that: especially endanger young people’s well-being; have the substantial potential to impair the reputation of the Company; and/or would reasonably be considered by many offensive to the family and community values integral to the Company's promotion of its brands.

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