CLEAN 200™: Investing in a Clean Energy Future (2017 Q3)

One year to the day from the launch of our first Clean200 report, and eight months into the new US administration, we presented our analysis into how large-cap clean energy companies have performed against dirty energy. Join us as in our assessment of the 200 global companies that today are creating the clean energy future.

A growing movement of investors representing more than $5.2tn in assets under management have signed a pledge to divest some portion of their fossil fuel holdings. But where to invest this capital? The Clean200 list ranks the largest publicly listed companies by their total clean energy revenues, with environmental, social, and governance screens to help ensure the companies are indeed building the infrastructure and services needed for the “Great Energy Transition” in a just and equitable way. Notably, this new report highlights the fact that clean energy investments greatly outperform stagnating fossil fuel stocks.