Wells-Fargo-Indigenous-Rights-2017 (status: 18%)

BE IT RESOLVED: Shareholders ask Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) to develop and adopt a global policy regarding the rights of indigenous peoples (the “policy”) which includes respect for the free, prior and informed consent of indigenous communities affected by WFC financing. The policy should acknowledge rights of indigenous peoples to the following:
  • property, culture, religion, and non-discrimination in relation to lands, territories and natural resources, including sacred places and objects;
  • health and physical well-being in relation to a clean and healthy environment;
  • setting and pursuing their own priorities for development; and
  • making authoritative decisions about external projects or investments.
The policy should include a description of WFC’s process for identifying, addressing, and periodically evaluating the impact of its business activities on:
  • lands and natural resources subject to traditional ownership or under customary use;
  • relocation of indigenous peoples from lands and natural resources they have traditionally owned or used; and
  • cultural heritage that is essential to the identity and/or cultural, ceremonial, or spiritual aspects of indigenous peoples’ lives.
The policy should include the oversight mechanisms for its continued development, evaluation and implementation, as well as the process by which indigenous peoples are consulted in developing the policy.  The policy should describe the process by which the board of directors will monitor implementation of the policy.  The policy should be posted on the WFC website by May 2018.

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