Restaurant Brands International – Antibiotics – 2016 (status: Withdrawn; Company will address)

BE IT RESOLVED: Shareholders request that the company adopt an enterprise-wide policy to phase out the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in the meat supply chain (including for poultry, beef, and pork). “Non-therapeutic use” of antibiotics is defined as:

(i) administration of antibiotics to an animal through feed and water (or, in poultry hatcheries, through any means) for purposes (such as growth promotion, feed efficiency, weight gain, or disease prevention) other than therapeutic use or non-routine disease control; and includes (ii) any repeated or regular pattern of use of antimicrobials for purposes other than therapeutic use or non-routine disease control.

Shareholders request that the Board report to shareowners within six months of the annual meeting, at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, on the timetable and measures for implementing this policy.

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