Phillips66-Indigenous-Rights-2017 (status: Withdrawn; Company will address)

BE IT RESOLVED: Phillips 66 prepare a report to shareholders, at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, that describes the due diligence process used to identify and address environmental and social risks, including Indigenous rights risk, in reviewing potential acquisitions. Such a report should consider:
  • Which committees, departments and/or managers are responsible for review, oversight and verification;
  • How environmental and social risks are identified and assessed;
  • Which international standards are used to define the company’s due diligence procedures;
  • How this information informs and is weighted in acquisition decisions;
  • If and how risks identified were disclosed to shareholders;
  • Whether the company has an exit option in DAPL;
  • Whether Phillips 66 will adjust its policies and practices so as to not become entangled with such situations in the future.

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