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Investors renew push to get Sanderson Farms to cut antibiotic use 09/13/2017
The Bad News for Monsanto Keeps Getting Worse 08/04/2017
As KFC changes policy, Yum shareholders pull proposal on cutting antibiotics 04/17/2017
Food Dive
Sanderson Farms shareholders agree with board: Don't stop antibiotics use 02/13/2017
Sanderson Farms shareholder proposal on antibiotics fails 02/09/2017
Grainews-Tim’s, Burger King to cut some antibiotics from chicken supply 01/04/2017
Burger King to cut use of antibiotics in its chicken as part of superbug fight 12/28/2016
Blue & Green Tomorrow
The Need To Stop McDonald’s Routine Use Of Antibiotics 08/12/2016
Consumer Groups Push KFC to Stop Routine Antibiotic Use in Its Chicken 08/10/2016
The Washington Post
Disney revenue rises 9 percent on success of ‘The Jungle Book’ 08/09/2016
Shareholders press Yum for stricter antibiotics policy 08/09/2016
Hollywood Not Honoring Anti-Smoking Pledge: Lawsuit 04/04/2016
Are You Eating Toxic Chocolate? Lead Found in Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s and Other Chocolates 03/26/2016
Is There Lead in Your Chocolate? 03/25/2016
The Power of a Shareholder Proxy 02/19/2016
These 3 Women Attend Monsanto’s Annual Shareholder Meeting Demanding Answers 02/02/2016
GMO-Free Baby Formula Focus of As You Sow Campaign 06/05/2015
New York Post
The Controversial Rise of the ‘Food Babe’ 05/29/2015
Dairy Reporter
Abbott Non-GMO Similac Infant Formula a 'Clear Win' for Consumers and Shareholders 05/28/2015
Dairy Reporter
Abbott Laboratories Launching Non-GMO Similac Infant Formula in US 05/26/2015
80% of Antibiotics Sold in America Aren’t Used to Treat People 04/29/2015
The Washington Post
There are 27 Ingredients in a Dunkin’ Donuts Powdered Doughnut 03/11/2015
The Guardian
Dunkin' Donuts to Remove Titanium Dioxide From Donuts 03/11/2015
Dunkin' Donuts to Remove Titanium Dioxide From Donuts 03/10/2015
TIME Magazine
Dunkin’ Donuts Is Getting Rid of Titanium Dioxide in Its Food 03/10/2015
USA Today
Dunkin' to Stop Using Whitening Agent 03/06/2015
Sustainable Brands
Dunkin’ Donuts No Longer Dunked in Chemicals 03/06/2015
The Boston Globe
Under Pressure, Dunkin’ to Change Powdered Sugar Formula 03/05/2015
Dunkin’ Donuts to Remove Nanomaterial From Powdered Doughnut Recipe 03/05/2015
The Consumerist
Dunkin’ Donuts Says It Will Remove Controversial Whitening Agent From Powdered Sugar 03/05/2015
Dunkin' to Ditch Powdered Sugar Additive: Report 03/05/2015
GOOD Magazine
The Chocolate Problems of Valentine’s Day 02/13/2015
Washington Post
How Much Lead is in Your Chocolate? 02/11/2015
Civil Eats
Heavy Metal Valentine: Is There Lead in Your Chocolate? 02/11/2015
Fair Warning
Warning Sounded on Heavy Metals in Chocolates 02/11/2015
Wall Str
Monsanto Shareholder Meeting Gets Heated 01/30/2015
Financial Advisor
Green Bond Sales Should Nearly Quadruple This Year 11/26/2014
The Wall Street Journal
The Morning Risk Report: Nano Disclosure No Big Thing–Yet 11/17/2014
New York Times
Advocacy Groups Challenge Studios Over Smoking in Youth-Rated Movies 09/30/2014
Social Funds
Resolutions Target GMO Labeling and Extended Producer Responsibility at Safeway 07/25/2014
The Guardian
Activists Take Aim at Nanomaterials in Dunkin' Donuts 07/11/2014
Nanotechnology: What Substances May Be Creeping into Food Products? 07/01/2014
Tech Insider
Dunkin Brands Group Inc (DNKN)’s Products Risky for Customers: Andrew Behar 06/06/2014
International Business Times
Nanomaterials In Food: Is It Safe To Eat Nanoparticles? 05/22/2014
The Motley Fool
Will Dunkin Brands Whitewash Investor Sentiment? 05/15/2014
Triple Pundit
One in Five Dunkin’ Donuts Shareholders Want Nanomaterials Report 05/14/2014
Sustainable Brands
Shareholders Again Ask Abbott Labs to Label GM Ingredients in Baby Formula 05/06/2014
Shareowners Warn Monsanto, Dow, Kraft and Coke on GMO Foods 10/16/2013
Capital Press
Advocates say ‘No on I-522’ Contributors Will See Backlash 10/10/2013
Chicago Tribune
Greens ask U.S. Biotech Firms to Sit Out Food-Labeling Vote 10/09/2013
Other Words
Size Matters 07/24/2013
Yahoo! News
Infant Formula: Baby’s First GMOs 05/07/2013
Sustainable Brands
Abbott Labs, DuPont Reject Investor Proposals To Eliminate GMOs 05/01/2013
Pressure Mounts to Remove GMOs from Infant Formula; Abbott Laboratories Shareholders Set To Vote on Non-GMO Policy 04/29/2013
Social Funds
Investors Want Baby Formula Free of GMOs 04/25/2013
Environmental Leader
DuPont, Abbott Investors Vote on GMO Resolutions 04/24/2013
Scientific American
Doughnuts Dusted with Nanopowder? Blech! 04/15/2013
Study the Use of Nanoparticles in Food 02/14/2013
Dunkin’ Donuts: Nanomaterials Found In Powdered Sugar 02/09/2013
Triple Pundit
As You Sow Report Finds Nanoparticles In Your Donuts 02/08/2013
Environmental Leader
Dunkin’ Donuts Contain Nanoparticles, Study Finds 02/07/2013
New York Times
Study Looks at Particles Used in Food 02/05/2013
Mother Earth News
Nanotechnology - No One Is Evaluating The Risks! 04/30/2012
Chemical Watch
US Shareholder Advocacy Targets BPA, Flame Retardants and Mercury 02/29/2012
Food Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing
Q&A: Weighing the Risks of Nanotechnology 01/03/2012
Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Trash Paper Receipts Made with BPA 05/20/2011
Non-Toxic Kids
Non-Toxic Kids
Major Food Companies Transition Away from Toxic BPA Receipt Paper 05/19/2011
Triple Pundit
Taco Bell, Other Fast Food Chains Ditch BPA Laced Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Sustainable Business
Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Address Peoples' Health, Discontinue Toxic BPA 05/17/2011
The Orange County Register
Taco Bell's Parent Ditches BPA in Paper Receipts 05/17/2011
Good Magazine
Good News for Your Endocrine System 05/17/2011
Fast Company
Why Coca-Cola Isn't Ditching BPA 04/29/2011
Triple Pundit
Shareholders Pressure Coca-Cola to Scrutinize BPA 04/29/2011
California Watch
Coca-Cola Shareholders Demand Resolution on Chemical 04/29/2011
San Francisco Chronicle
Unease About BPA Bubbling Up Among Coke Shareholders 04/28/2011
Los Angeles Time
More Coca-Cola Shareholders Want Info About BPA, Advocacy Group Says 04/28/2011
The Independent
Coca-Cola Says It Will Not Phase Out BPA 04/28/2011
PostMedia News
Coca-Cola Not Ready to Drop Bisphenol A in Can Linings 04/27/2011
Shareholder Activists Pushing Coke to Rid Cans of BPA 04/25/2011
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Chemical in Soft Drink Cans Comes Under Fire at Coca-Cola 04/21/2011
Coca-Cola Investors to Vote on Shareholder Resolution Addressing Toxic Chemical BPA in Can Linings 04/20/2011
Chemical Watch
US Shareholders Question Companies on Use of BPA 02/23/2011
Chemical Watch
BPA on Corporate Policy Agenda in 2011 02/23/2011
The Huffington Post
TEDx: Plastic Is the New Smoking 11/16/2010
Social Funds
Leading Companies Are Taking Proactive Approach to BPA 10/29/2010
ConAgra, Heinz Are Tops In Banishing BPA 10/26/2010
Environmental Leader
Coke, Del Monte, Kraft, Wal-Mart, Get Failing Grades For Using BPA 10/21/2010
USA Today
Companies Graded On Moves To Go BPA-Free 10/21/2010
Fast Company
Coca‐Cola, Del Monte, Kraft Score Failing Grades in Safe Packaging Report 10/21/2010
Financial Advisor
Toxic Toys? 10/04/2010
Social Funds
First-time Environmental Resolutions Win Strong Shareowner Support 04/28/2010
Financial Advisor
Coke Dismisses BPA Concerns 04/21/2010
TIME Magazine
Nuns Vs. Bankers: The Coming Shareholder Proxy Battles 04/21/2010
Fast Company
Coca-Cola, Del Monte, Kraft Score Failing Grades In Safe Packaging Report 04/21/2010