Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market has a reputation for caring about corporate social responsibility especially in regard to packaging. It encourages offers a nickel credit for customers who bring in their own bags, offers items in bulk which reduces packaging and some of its stores collect products and packaging not commonly recycled by curbside systems.

We were disappointed that the company would not engage with As You Sow on the topic of EPR for packaging despite repeated requests over several months. Therefore, we filed a proposal on EPR for packaging with the company for 2013. The resolution was supported by 7.4% of voting shares. The company has not shown an interest in substantive dialogue.

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Consumer Packaging 2013

STATUS: 07.4%

Product packaging is a significant consumer of natural resources and energy, and a major source of waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Half of U.S. printed paper and packaging, worth $11.4 billion, is landfilled or burned rather than recycled. Packaging debris migrates to oceans where it damages fisheries, tourism and marine life. The U.S. packaging recycling rate for aluminum is only 35%, for glass 33% and for plastic just 12%.

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