Proxy Preview 2013

Proxy Preview 2013

This ninth edition of the Proxy Preview provides an overview of votes on environmental and social shareholder resolutions—including advocacy sections for 2013´s most prominent issues.

Our team of issue experts includes Ken Bertsch, CEO and President of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, John Ruggie, Professor of Human Rights and International Affairs, Harvard University, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President, Water Keeper Alliance, along with leading voices from socially responsible investors, religious institutional investors, pension funds and unions, foundations, students, and shareholder advocacy organizations.

Proxy Preview 2013 Webinar

The panel, moderated by Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, features an overview of the 365 social and environmental shareholder proposals filed in 2013. Heidi Welsh, co-author of the report and Executive Director of Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2), describes key trends and initiatives.

Veteran shareholder advocates Michael Passoff, co-author and CEO of Proxy Impact, and Tim Smith, Senior Vice President and Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement of Walden Asset Management, discuss the hottest issues on this year’s proxy ballots including corporate political spending, climate risk, and energy sector proposals.

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